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Defend your defender

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The perennial question.

How do you secure your beloved Landy given they offer as much protection as the proverbia barn?

The answer we give is more than one layer and make sure you actually use what you have.

That's why we rather like this clutch pedal pin offered by LRD Security. Whilst not as comprehensive as a Clutch claw or pedal box that locks/blocks all the pedals - this offers a degree of faff factor for the would be blagger with a degree of practical convenience for the Landy loving owner as the pin is simple to install, easy to deploy and small enough to store in the front bulkhead shelf or cubby box when not in use.

This physical security layer, which fits all hydraulic clutch LandRovers (Series 2-Defender) is a nice compliment to an alarm / immobiliser or fuel/ignition cutoff switch. The bright orange colour is a visual deterrant, as well as a useful reminder to the driver to fit the pin when leaving the vehicle.

It's perfectly simple to fit too. Using the bolt holes for the clutch pedal and just replacing them with security torx bolts (supplied).

On its own it won't stop a determined thief from taking your pride and joy, however anything that makes their job harder is worth it and at less than £100 the Pedal Pin is well worth it.

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