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Giving Back Locally

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

With the Christmas Holidays looming, Tier 4 Covid-19 restrictions in place and jobs coming in thick and fast something had to give. In this case it was our customary Christmas card to customers & suppliers. We have got bespoke ones printed for us (usually with a suitably winter Land-Rover picture on the cover) in the past, but 2020 threw so much at us that it just didn't happen.

There is a silver lining to this little story, however. We decided that the money we would have spent in printing/postage costs could go to some deserving cause.

Ahhh but which one - there are so many - especially right now, and do we go with some well known national charity or campaign or could we not find something focused more locally. We shop locally, hire locally, it would be wonderful to give locally too.

Due to our passion for all things motorsport (as well as Land-Rovers) we are huge supporters of our closest motorsport event - Kop Hill Climb - check it out if you have never heard of it! Some of us have even been volunteer stewards for this fantastic petrol-head jamboree in past years. This annual event raises money for Heart of Bucks, a funding organisation awarding grants and loans to local charities and community groups throughout Buckinghamshire. Couple this knowledge with the fact that Heart of Bucks had recently launched a Community Investment fund and it was a no-brainer (or perhaps a bit of Santa's magic).

So that is how our small, but flourishing enterprise has become a Community Investor, giving something back to our community which we love to serve.

If you too pride yourselves as being a local Buckinghamshire business, then perhaps you might consider joining us ..check out click the logo at the top of this post to find out more

Fingers crossed for September 2021 that we can help out once more at the Kop Hill Climb and I have a strong suspicion that we wont be doing Christmas Cards this year either......

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