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.....and Breathe

Wow! What a 6months it's been.

We hope you've managed to stay safe.

There we were slowing executing our 2020 refurbishment plan with new vehicle lift, lighting and electrics and KERPOWW! C-19 hits us and suddenly we are doing our best to keep the doors open and our local keyworkers on the road while constantly washing out hands.

We've climbed back up from a quiet March & April with a manic June & July.

All whilst we and our families have been home schooling our children.

So it's time for us to take a bit of a breather. We hate turning business away, but having been open every weekday since Jan we need to take a break.


While we are away, and if you are not sure about when your MOT is up due to the C-19 MOT extension then please check yourself on the government website . If you find your MOT has or is about to run out then please give Russell at R&H Autos a call on 01494 471017


We look forward to being back and cracking on with your maintenance, repairs and projects in a few weeks time.

Peter & Jack

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